ZIC SP-IV Fully Synthetic
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VHVI TECH is SK's proprietary oil technology that creates the benefits from SK's highest quality VHVI
base oil, YUBASE, and the additives of careful selection.※
VHVI : Very High Viscosity Index




Contains no harmful impurities in YUBASE interrupting additives performance, so provides better
engine cleasnliness and engine protection by cutting-edge additives.



VHVI TECH has much less light oil portion that vaporizes in hign temperature engine and leads to minimizing oil consumption and saving your money.


ZIC SP-IV Fully Synthetic



To all Hyundai/Kia

Motor cars which need




| Description |

ZIC SP-IV is a special ATF approved by Hyundai/Kia motors to be used in their newly launched 6 speed automatic transmission for front wheel drive, or all-wheel drive(only in transverse engine layout) vehicles. SP-IV is the only genuine factory-fill or service-fill ATF recommended in Hyundai/Kia motors’ vehicle.

| General Characteristics |

Provides consistent shift performance and supports flawless up-shifting and down-shifting.

Extends transmission fluids life and provides excellent fuel economy features compared to conventional ATFs.

Has outstanding cold temperature performance further assisting the fuel economy of your vehicle.

| Recommendations / Specifications |

To all Hyundai/Kia Motor cars which needs SP-IV ATF.



| Typical Properties |
      Product Name
     ASTM Color    4.5 (Red)
     Specific Gravity, 15°c    0.85
     Kinematic, Viscosity, cSt, 40°c    25.6
     Kinematic, Viscosity, cSt, 100°c    5.4
     Viscosity Index    155
     Flash Point, °c    200
     Pour Point, °c    -55
     Brookfield Viscosity, cP, -40°c    7.500
Article reference: Available Packing : 1/4 L - SK ZIC VHVI TECH. The Next Synthetic Lubricants -


The choice of oil is very important for your engine. The most obvious function of the engine oil for lubrication, but the engine oil protects against corrosion and components of the engine and cleans the deposits and contaminants which may arise as by-products of combustion. Engine oil is also responsible for cooling. Therefore, we recommend that you make your choice without compromising on quality.